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Have you recently purchased a brand new car? Protecting it from day one can ensure it remains looking its best throughout your ownership, keeping it protected from damaging environmental fall out, making it easier to clean and retaining the new high gloss finish.

Look no further than our premium car paint protection, ceramic coating and window tinting options for the ultimate exterior and interior surface protection.

Here are some reasons why customers have trusted Ceramic Pro Brisbane for over a decade:

  • Fully equipped workshop: We understand that having the latest and state of the art equipment lead to quality workmanship. Whether it is a new or used car, we have the expertise and products to give your vehicle the best protection from damaging environmental factors.
  • Great customer service: Ceramic Pro Brisbane have experienced paint protection specialists who are professional and prioritize customer’s needs. You can expect industry leading customer service from ceramic coating to window tinting services.
  • Easy to book paint protection packages: You can book our Ceramic Pro Paint Protection, Ceramic Coating and Window Tinting services through our website, phone and email.
  • We work with major car insurance companies: We frequently help our customers handle the necessary paperwork when they need their insurance companies to cover the reapplication cost of our products if you have had an accident.

How much does Paint Protection cost?
So you might be wondering why the car dealership has quoted you in excess of $1500 and even upwards of $2500 – this in no way means their product is better or more superior, it is important to understand why they are charging so much compared to other providers for these products such as paint protection and window tinting.

Car dealerships are in the business of selling cars, any aftermarket accessories they provide are often installed by contractors, meaning the dealership are putting their profit on top.

Here at Ceramic Pro Brisbane we have been specialising specifically in protection for new cars for over a decade, we have the expertise, knowledge and product to provide you with the best possible protection for your new car. When it comes to cost, this purely depends on which packackage suits your needs – our prices start from $1050.00 for a Full Package to protect your Paint, Interior, Wheels and Glass surfaces.

What are the benefits of Paint Protection?

Ceramic Pro Paint Protection is based on nano-ceramic technology, this unique nano-ceramic composition features some fantastic benefits such as –

  • Protection from environmental fallout
  • Easy to clean
  • Stays cleaner for longer
  • High gloss shine
  • Hydrophobic (water repellant)
  • Prevents fading

Not only can the paint of you car be protected but almost any surface such as the cars Glass, Wheels, Fabric and Leather surfaces!

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